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Can't sign in

  • 4 April 2017
  • 6 replies

I just got a text my bill was ready (my first), I signed in, but my husbands number is registered to my email address. How can i check my own bill?

6 replies

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Do you guys have separate accounts or were they opened together? Did you ever set up the self serve for your account if they are separate? f they were opened together, click where it shows his number in self serve and it should drop down and have your number as well then it will change to your info.
I don't think I set anything up, I can't see how to do it? I would've thought Best Buy would've set that up for me when I bought my phone but I guess not, there's no drop down.
They are separate accounts
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They are separate accountsYou are the only one who can set up self serve for your account. You have to sign him out and choose the register now option and use your email and put in your account number and information. Let me know how it goes.
They are separate accountsOk so I see that now, thanks! But I don't know my account number. I've never got a bill, or service agreement (it was electronic at the store), and I can't log in to see it, as I can't get a log in without an account number! I never got any emails from Koodo with that info either. I am thinking Best Buy dropped the ball here
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They are separate accountsNo problem just send Koodo a PM on facebook and they should be able to get that for ya.