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can't receive texts

I got this iPhone yesterday up until earlier today I have been able to send and receive texts and calls but now I can only send texts I can't receive them calls still work it's just texting I had two people in my house hold try to text me and I didn't get a single message.why is this happening? I am new to koodo

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Are you able to text yourself? Check your imessage settings too.
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Are you sending texts or imessage? Are your friends sending you texts or imessages?
only two of my contacts on my phone have iPhones and use I message it's the same way for everyone won't recieve from anyone but they get my messages I send them
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Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
Did you sync your iphone up to itunes yet? Koodo service won't work without that.
No I haven't
Resetting the network didn't seem to work
If you haven't synced the Iphone yet, do that. Plus your iphone into a computer with the latest version of itunes and sync it. Once it's completed, powercycle it then test the calling/texting.
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I think it's because of imessage interfering with the contact info in their phone. Try turning it off and then see if they can text you.
I've turned I message off ,did the iTunes sync and power cycle calling works it's just I can't recieve texts from anyone I've taken the SIM card out and put it back in still doesn't work.
Give Koodo a call then.