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Can't receive SMS sent to mynumber@msg.koodomobile.com

  • 21 March 2014
  • 6 replies

I'm trying to send an SMS to my phone via email to <my number>@msg.koodomobile.com but I'm not receiving them. Is anybody else seeing this issue?

6 replies

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try enabling data on your phone, just remember to be careful of background apps using data, and see if that works!
Thanks for the suggestion, but data is enabled. I can receive other text messages, just not from those sent via email. The gateway may be down. Try sending yourself an email and see if you get the SMS. It SHOULD arrive within seconds.
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Works for me. Note that texting to/from an email address is an MMS (picture message). So turing data on like Daniel said above is required. you will also need to make sure there is no data block on your account. And since it comes in as an MMS, wifi will not work in place of cellular data
As an iPhone user on iOS 7.1 you'd think I'd know better and reboot the sucker first, but no, I didn't. So a reboot cleared the problem and queued messages arrived. In my defense, I've had lots of problems with iOS 7 but this is the first time I've had MMS problems. When it comes to iOS 7 always assume IT is the problem first. 😞 Thanks for the quick replies guys, and thanks for the info about email texts being MMS. I wasn't aware of that and that helps understand why I was still receiving SMS but not MMS.
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That domain will deliver the messages as MMS (picture messages), which must have data enabled to receive them. Messages sent to @msg.telus.com will be delivered as standard sms messages.
Interesting. My wife's still on Telus. I guess the advantage to Koodo using MMS is that when I get a voice message on my landline that's forwarded via email to Koodo, I can download the audio because it's MMS. Nice.