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Can't log into self serve

Trying to log into self serve on the Koodo Self Serve app, but it keeps saying to log into My Account I need to add Koodo Services? I already verified my email and I got into self serve for about 10 seconds on Chrome before it kicked me out saying too many http redirects. (Also got the same http redirects message on Firefox, Safari and Explorer). All I want to do is port my old phone number into my new phone. Any suggestions on how to actually get into self serve would be appreciated. (Also I did clear my cache and browser history and still got the redirect message).

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I also have been having redirect problems all weekend. I onky was able to get in using my original work LOG in but not my personal one. . So must be intermittent.
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Try it again, I just tried it a couple times and got in every time online not through the app. I'm not sure you can port a number through the app anyways but zi know you can online. I'm using Chrome browser.
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Yep working solid for me as well. Best of luck!!
Called Koodo and they had to delete my self serve account and I had to set it up again but it's working now (both app and in Explorer)!
Working for me as well after a call to Koodo... amazing customer service