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Can someone tell the date when the iPhone SE 64 GB dropped from $230 with the Tab to $100 with the Tab?

iPhone SE 64 GB

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It would have been this week. It looks like they changed back to the small, medium, and large tabs. I'm not very happy about that because I was about to get a $0 iPhone 5s for my wife on her same plan. Now, I'll have to get a pan that costs $7/Mo more, if I want that deal. Look more closely at the offer. You have to get a minimum plan for the new price. If you were going with a more expensive plan anyway, the new price may not be worse for you. But, if you're an occasional talker and you use wifi, and you already got this phone, you may have gotten a better deal than the new price... That changed this week...
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Oh wow! I missed the change entirely. I've only looked at a couple phones but it looks like a partial subsidy has been brought back in a way. I'm definitely looking more into this. But I digress. The se goes on sale occasionally for 100 on tab but it seems to have happened this time as page of the change in tab system. Corey before you didn't pay upfront but you paid for t phone entirely over 24 months and looking at iphones thag appears to have no changed, the lack of of subsidy and still be in basically an interest free loan. With or without the new plan amount changes you're paying for that iPhone. Tab small comes to 360 for the 5S as well as the medium.
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I understand that the price ends up being the same. But, the $0 down was a real catch, and $120 down is not always affordable, when you can spread the extra $5/mo over 24 months.  I didn't mean to hijack the thread, though.@Davianne I bet you'll find that the equivalent up front price and the monthly amount will work out to the same.  Now ,though, as long sa one's comfortable with a much higher monthly fee, they can get a more expensive phone than the otherwise could have with $0 down or a lot less down.

The higher use plans are a better deal than any other carrier, though, which is a plus. I've been with Koodo for years and I've seen a positive trend in these types of plans. However, the lower use plans are becoming less and less of a deal.