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Can I use my $140 Koodo dollars towards an iPhone 7 and keep my $47 plan on tab medium?

  • 30 December 2017
  • 2 replies

I have an old plan where I was (or am not sure because I’m not the account payer) getting Koodo dollars on a $47 500 minutes and 1gb plan and need a new phone and want to get a iPhone 7 on the tab medium and was wondering if I can put the Koodo dollars I have towards the iPhone 7 and still keep my $47 a month plan on the tab medium. I understand I will not be able to keep collecting Koodo dollars if I still am, it’s just the guy at the kiosk said I would most likely not be able to keep the plan and use the Koodo dollars, so I would have to choose to either change my plan and use the Koodo dollars or throw away my Koodo dollars and keep my plan.

2 replies

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Hi there!

You can definitely use your positive Koodo TAB to upgrade to any phone you want and you should be good to keep your existing plan on TAB M...

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You are actually no longer collecting a positive tab. Everyone who still had one was given a 150 dollar credit to use to any phone. I'm not entirely sure of at which point grandfathered plans no longer can get a tab medium but as a minimum you can always get a tab small. You can go to a kiosk or purchase online and see if it makes you change plans or not.