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Can I turn off Cellular Data for using phone in the U'S' ?

We'll be travelling in the States next month and I'm wondering if I turn off Cellular Data on my iPhone, can I just use it to send messages while on WiFi?
Also will the phone look for cell service and could we get charged?
Sorry for all the questions, but just wanna check ahead of time

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Hello Yeah you can use it to send messages on wifi. But make sure you don't send them while not on wifi because you will pay for them. Also don't forget that you can only send iMessages for free on wifi. If you send a Texte message you're going to pay for it. If you don't want to get charged. Turn your phone on airplane mode and enjoy! You could also remove the SIM card and leave it home.
I don't understand how text messages could be sent if cellular is turned off, other than through wifi. Right now I have iMessages turned off but I thought that if you're sending texts on wifi (not cellular) you don't get charged because you're using wifi not cell towers.
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Hi iPadfsj,

You can turn cellular data off using the settings on your phone.

You wont be charged just because your phone is looking for service but if you answer or make a call or send a text message you will be.

IMessage (if you use it) does indeed work over WiFi (which koodo won't charge you for) if you have IMessage turned off however then any messages you send will be sent as a text message (sms) and that will be chargeable.also any message that IMessage can't send as an IMessage is sent as regular text and that's chargeable. Traditional text messages are sent via the cell network .

You can use WiFi without a charge from Koodo anywhere it's available.

If you're interested, koodo offers some US roaming packages that cover outgoing text messages. Incoming messages are free.

If you choose not to take a package then outgoing texts are charged at 5$ per pack of 100 texts.
Chad Burr wrote:

Hi iPadfsj,

You can turn cellular data off using the settings on your phone.

You wont be c...