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Can I turn data on with my phone even though I have no data now?

is 3G in my settings ( Cellular) data?

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If you have an iPhone 3G is not cellular data. In order to acess cellular data, you need to go into Settings > Carrier and there you'll see cellular data. This is what you'l have to activate in order to use internet. Though, if you don't have data, you might get charged alot for using some data. I suggest you change your plan with one that has data in order to get charged reasonably.
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Per Robert's message, I do suggest you contact Koodo first and check your plan first. Pay-per-use data can be quite costly and the last thing we would want is for you to get unpleasant charges on your next bill.
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You can also check your Self Serve > Plans and Add-ons and find information about your plan
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Yes, best to do what Robert suggested. Best to play it safe.