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Can I switch my Iphone 4s to an Iphone 5s?

  • 6 August 2014
  • 3 replies

I have an Iphone 4s and I was wondering if I could switch an Iphone 5s but keep the same monthly bill?

3 replies

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Yes, absolutely 🙂 What do you currently pay for your plan? If it is more than $29, you can opt for a Tab M (you pay $5 on top of your bill for that, but you pay less for the phone) and with all plans you can qualify for Tab S 🙂
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Sure. Do you have any tab left on account? If so you will need to pay that back to get the iphone 5s on tab small. Or you can just buy the iphone 5s out right. If you choose the Tab Medium then you will require a plan of $30 or more and there will be a $5 monthly tab charge that goes to help pay back the tab
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Yes you can. If you pay for the phone out-of-pocket or stick to a small Tab your plan will remain the same. With the small Tab you can apply up to $150 of the price of the iPhone to the Tab. Regular price of the 5S is $725, so that would come to $575, slightly more than 20% off. You can also use a medium or large Tab to apply up to $300 or $500 to those respective options. However, the medium Tab is only availabe to customers with plans of $30 or more (or the current $29 plan) and adds a $5 Tab charge while the large Tab requires a large Tab plan (details here) plus a $10 Tab charge. If you already have a Tab it will need to be paid off to use the Tab again.