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Can I switch my blackberry to an iPhone but keep the same plan I have from koodo

I have a blackberry curve and I want to switch to an iPhone but I want to keep the same plan as I do now. Is it possible and if so how do I do it.

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Most cases it is an easy simple switch, just sign in on your self serve account and select the plan compatible with the iPhone, if you have a plan thats not currently offered anymore then dial *611 from your device or send koodo an e-mail of what you would like do do. I find e-mail is quick and hassle free for both parties. Keep in mind they are offering some very competitive plans so you may want to just switch to one of the new double data talk plans. 🙂
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Depends on the current plan. Blackberry specific plans (like bb value, bb social and bb connect) are not compatible with non-blackberry phones, blackberry versions of the canada wide data plans are compatible with any phone.