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Can I send picture texts without data?

I have an iPhone 5 with the prepaid $15 Unlimited Messaging (Text and Picture) base plan.  I do not have a data booster.  My prepaid plan says "With Koodo, text messaging includes international text messages sent from and received anywhere in Canada", however I am unable to send picture texts to people.  There is only one person who I can successfully send pictures to in texts, and that person lives in the U.S. and also has an iPhone, however I can only send the person pictures in iMessage when I have wi-fi.  I've tried sending pictures to my other friends via text to friends who have an iPhone (and therefore use iMessage) and to friends who have an Android phone, and I can never send pictures to them, regardless of whether I have wi-fi or not.  I've read in the community from other people who had problems sending pictures in text messages that you need to have data enabled.  My plan says that I can send picture texts but it does not include data and I do not have a data booster/add-on.  Since I don't have data in my plan, does that mean I can't send pictures in text messages?  If I enable data in the settings of my phone, will I be able to send pictures even though I don't have data?

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Yes you will be able to. Prepaid is special where even if you don't have a data add-on, you can send and receive MMS (which includes picture messages) without incurring any data usage charges either. Enable your data and send/receive away 🙂
I enabled data and I can now send pictures,  Thank you! 🙂