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Can I put my iphone 5 on ANY koodo plan and still get 10% off?

I have an iphone 5 and would like to put it on a Koodo plan (40-50$ plan that includes 500mb of data). I looked into virgin mobile and they said that i'd have to put it on the "premium" plan because it's an iphone5 and the cheapest plan is close to 70-80$ - Is this required with koodo also? Can I have an iphone 5 (NOT THE C) on any koodo plan, and get the 10% off for bringing in my own phone? Thanks!

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Virgin mobile mentioned if I had the iphone c, then I could get a cheaper plan... but I don't have the C. So.. what are my options? Also - don't all iphones come unlocked? I thought I could change companies easily but, I was just reading a few comments where people asked to unlock their iphones? Maybe I was incorrect.
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As long as your 5 is unlocked you can definitely take any plan you want and get the 10% off.

Whoever you were talking with at Virgin clearly doesn't know what they're talking about because you can do the same thing with them. It's rather funny actually because even if they misunderstood that you have your own phone and they thought you wanted to buy one from them you still don't have to get a "Platinum" plan to get an iPhone. Even on their SuperTab. You can take any plan you want you just have to pay more.

Anyways, enough ranting.

Where did you get your iPhone because the only way yours would be fully unlocked is if you bought it from Apple outright. So you'll most likely have to get yours unlocked before going to another company.

Hope this helps.
Hi Justin! Yes - this was very helpful. - thanks so much! I got it from Bell and yes, It appears i'll need to get it unlocked. Thanks! Bailly
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Glad I could help Bailly. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to drop a post.