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can i purchase an iphone 4s on a plan with koodo and do they ask for credit cards?

i want to get an iphone 4s with koodo on a cheap plan. But im also hearing that you ask for credit cards and if possible i would love to get an iphone 4s on a plan with koodo! I heard koodo is a great company and they dont over charge you and i like some of the plans ive seen when ive searched online. im hoping to get some resourceful answers that will help me make my decision!

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The 4S is listed as available (https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell-phones/iphone/apple-iphone-4s-8-gb/prodKLAI4S8GBBK.html) & you'll need to undergo a credit-check to get approved for a Plan.
When activating a line 2 pieces of ID are required 1. drivers license or other form or government issued photo id is required other then health card. 2 EITHER social insurance # OR Credit card.
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If you are talking about payment, you are allowed to pay by Credit Card (one-time payment or pre-authoized), pre-authorized debit or at any financial institution (pay at the bank or online banking)