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Can I keep my Plan if I get an iPhone 6?

I would like to buy the iPhone 6. Currently my monthly phone plane is $55 with out tax. If I buy the iPhone 6 on the 2 year term, and use what I have on my tab to pay, Will i have to change my plan?

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No you are NEVER obligated to change your plan. Get a tab M with your new iphone 6 and you're ready to go! 🙂
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Hi Ashley, Upgrading at koodo is pretty simple, if you still owe for a tab, that will have to be paid pff before you can use another tab. If you take tab small or medium then indeed you can keep your plan but if you decide on tab large, then yes you'll have to take a tab large plan. Tab medium and large also have tab fees each month of 5:& 10$ respectively. Tab medium will offer you way better value than tab large over the course of your tab.