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Can I get approved for a Tab Medium if I have no credit history or any type of credit card?

  • 23 July 2014
  • 3 replies

I was looking to get an iPhone 5c on Tab Medium, but I have no credit history or credit card. Will I still be approved?

3 replies

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The only way you will know is if you go in store and attempt to activate a line. You just need two pieces of government issued ID like drivers license, passport, SIN, etc. No one here can tell you if you will be approved or not. There's a lower chance because you have no credit history but I wouldn't say no altogether.
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If you have no history, then you'll probably get through. If you have bad history, owe another carrier money, etc. Then you'll have issues.
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They may ask you for a co-signer or a security deposit if your credit is deemed risky.