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can i get $29 plan for iphone 5c or 5s?

how much will i have to pay every month if i get the iphone 5s from walmart for $90

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You're a bit misled. Walmart is a third party retailer that deals with all of the major brands.That $90 price is for a 2 year subsidy with Rogers, Bell, or Telus. Might even be Virgin, but more than likely on one of the big 3. Your minimum plan requirement would be $80/month. Go ahead and ask them the details of that price and for which iPhone on which carrier. Koodo allows you to pay more money upfront and take any plan you want. The iPhone 5C and 5S cost $625 and $725, respectively. In this case, for the 5C or 5S, it's $250 or $350 in store on Tab Medium. This allows you to take the $29 plan plus a $5 Tab charge = minimum $34/month. There's not a snowball's chance in hell the big 3 would allow that. You can't get both a big subsidy on a premium device and a cheap plan; the industry doesn't work like that. Pay more upfront = take cheaper plans or possibly any plan you want. Pay less upfront = the more restrictions/rules there are.
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I agree with Jonathan. I was looking at the iPhone 5C or 5S through the other carriers mentioned. All of them wanted $80.00 a month (not in my budget) Not with Koodo though. Although I didn't get an iPhone, Koodo seems to be budget friendly when it comes to the iPhones. 🙂