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Can i get 2 of the iphone se deals on two tabs?

If I have 3 lines on my account, 2 tabs payed off & 1 almost paid off can I get 2 se iphones (the money off & 2 $100 visa cards?) also can i put the sim card for the one not paid off into the new phone and the one paid off into the not paid phone??

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Depends what the deal says. If it is for new activations than no, but if it is for renewals or something else than you should be good. Are you referring to the $100 visa.gift card with the 16GB iPhone SE because i dont seem to see it anymore. As per switching sims around, once you have the phone Koodo doesn't care or can they tell what you do with them afterwards so yes, you can enterchange the phones between accounts.
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Sure! One tab per line. You can swap around Sim cards all you like. You don't even need to use the phones with Koodo if you don't want. Depends on terms and conditions for the.gift card. They are usually new activations only.
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I don't see any $100.gift card deal through website.
If they have those promo with.gift card, it's usually for new activation(Open new account).

You can buy a phone on per line/account.  
If you want to buy 2 phones, then you can do it on 2 lines. And yes, they have their Tab on each.

If your current phone and new phone use same size SIM card, then you can just swap them.