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Can I dispute a roaming charge when I haven't left the country?

  • 20 June 2019
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Found an $8.00 roaming charge on my most recent bill but I have not traveled outside of Canada.

I live in Victoria, BC and have received "Welcome to the USA" texts offering roaming when I'm close to the water or in Sooke, BC (due to the close proximity to the States). But I've never been charged before, as I never accept or reply to the text (and no, I didn't this time either!)

Can I dispute this charge? It's really irritating that I connect to US cell towers when in Canada, and now I'll probably end up having to deal with customer support for an hour.

1 reply

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@kvillemaire I see the charge on your account. To make this as pain free as possible simply send us a private message on Facebook where we can authenticate your account. You avoid the wait on hold! 🙂 And yes, it does happen once in a while (with any carrier) that close to the border the US signals kick in. You could simply put your phone on home only under the network settings to avoid this happening again.