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can i chat with a rep please?

I would like to compliment Sal and the lady I spoke with before Sal (sorry forgot her name).  Both representatives listened very well and addressed the issue.  Sal advised he would be providing a refund on the prepaid plan that didn't work in my area and have not yet received the refund on my Visa debit for 35$  Can someone please check account (cancelled within 6 days for very poor service in Cochrane area) for 403-402-2164  lesleydarling092@gmail.com,  please confirm that Sal has reimbursed the money as I have not seen it yet?  I spoke to Sal last week,  please email a response to the email address provided.

I would also like to ask your company to review it's policy on dealing with new clients,  at the beginning there are going to be issues,  I believe it is very unfair to have clients go through such trouble to share a bad experience and then be told that they cannot get their money back when it was very poor service and I had to switch out of the plan within a few days.   I spent a lot of time going back and forth to your store, iphone store and speaking to your IT department with no resolution,  there was no data and phone wouldn't always send texts or make a call,  it was the worst,  the fact that many of your representatives said I could not get my money back was I believe very poor customer service.  Especially as I was a new client trying out your service and found that I could not use my phone.  I am on long term disability and I couldn't call to make counselling sessions or do my therapy at my house due to the service yet was told that could not get a refund.  Really poor service,  I was very happy to finally speak with Sal and the lady as they recognized the frustration of all the time that I spent trying to resolve issue that had no resolution,.  as well one of your IT  reps told me the area I was in was very poor for your towers.

In future,  I hope you will make it less stressful and time consuming for a new client to share the experience and make a refund possible as it is not the clients fault.
Thank you,

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Reps aren't always available on the forum. Your issue will be read but c you don't get confirmation from an employee here about looking into the rebate, you can send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter to get it sorted out. Also in the future please don't post personal info as this is a public forum.
Thanks I didn't realize it was going to posted until later ooos