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Can an iPhone still be used in Canada if I bought it in the states?

If I live in Canada and I buy an iPhone in the states, would i still be able to go to koodo and choose a plan to use it when I come back? I already have a blackberry with koodo but I'm going to buy an iPhone in the states and when I come back I'd like to switch my plan to the iPhone. Is that possible?

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We Need to know which iPhone you're looking to buy. Some are compatible and some aren't. Can I ask why you're looking at iPhone after the BB? Have you seen the new BlackBerry Z10. It's really an awesome device. It doesn't have the same app library as the iPhone for sure but it's still something to go check out before jumping to the iPhone.
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The most important thing if you're going to buy an iPhone in the states is you want the AT&T/T-Mobile version. Sprint/Verizon ones could work if unlocked but they are modified to work with those CDMA carriers so you may not get the optimal reception. Other important thing is to make sure it's unlocked so that it will actually work with Koodo.