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Calling won't work on iPhone 5S

My iPhone 5S won't allow me to make calls. Everything works when I'm outside of calling, but for some reason when I connect to a call neither person can hear each other. When I call people I can't hear any ringing. I've restored my iPhone, tried changing all my settings, tried updating, even gave my phone to an Apple repair store and they couldn't find out what was wrong. Please help 😞

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Ok so it dials but you can't hear the other person. Hmm Have you tried adjusting the volume rocker during a call. And also make sure mute isn't selected.
Tried both those things, flicked them on and off. Tried speaker phone and it won't work either.
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Try with headphones maybe? Is your speaker working with music?
Haven't tried it with headphones, but the speakers are working with music yes.
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Just a guess it maybe a bad SIM card. I had a problem once sort of like that. My SIM card was messed up and sometimes the network would recognize it and sometimes it wouldn't. Have you tried another sim in it? Even a friends with the same carrier and see if it works fine. Just a thought
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If your iPhone is within warranty, you can set up an appointment at an Apple store and they'll check it out for you. You can check the warranty status of your phone here: https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do
I've already looked up if I have warranty and I don't. Had the phone for well over a year. -Marcus
Also tried it with headphones. Went to the bestbuy where I bought it, they tried everything including changing the SIM card. Getting really pissed off about this because my phone is in amazing condition for being over a year old. The phone is mint.
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Hello Marcus. So you did not get your problem solved yet? If I understood right, the headphones didn''t work neither? You couldn't hear the other person speaking? Also, how long over your warranty are you? You can always go for a consult at the Apple store. Maybe they will know what your problem is. Then you could come and tell us what the problem is and try to find a solution for it. I don't think an appointment to the Apple Store is going to cost you any money. Give it a try and come back to us. Sorry for the delay of answer. We'll get this problem solved, don't worry.
Still isn't working. Headphones don't work, neither person can hear each other on both ends. I live on Vancouver Island and I don't think there's an apple store anywhere near me. I'm way over my warranty.
I would have to travel to Vancouver and that would cost me a lot of money.