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Call Forwarding to Fido number while in Belize

Fido has very attractive prepaid plans for traveling in Belize (better than Koodo).  

I was thinking of paying Koodo $3/month for the call forwarding feature, purchase this prepaid plan with Fido and then have the Koodo number forwarded to the Fido number while in Belize.  

Question:  If someone then calls me in Belize from Canada, how are the charges allocated between Koodo and Fido (minutes, roaming, etc.).    

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Pretty sure you would be charged international rates. Will confirm.
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You won't be charged any extra fees besides the $3 fee for the call forwarding 🙂 I have to ask, what prepaid roaming package are you purchasing from fido? Remember on calls are forwarded, not texts. Texts can't be forwarded by Koodo.

I am traveling to Cuba in March and Belize in January.  So Fido caught my eye in that they have a new travel pack for Cuba for $95.

So then I started to look at the Belize rates.  For some reason, calling from Belize using any Canadian carrier is expensive.

Fido has  International Talk, Text and Data Travel Packs (Zone 3 for Belize).  Still not cheap but if I'm looking at it correctly, Fido still offers a voice, text and data plan that other carriers (including Koodo) are not offering.

Am I missing something?
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Strictly speaking, I would check that those Fido add-ons are for [i]prepaid customers and not just monthly, if that is what you really intend.

With some providers, such as Koodo, any mention of roaming goes out the window if you are strictly prepaid, or your options are limited to pay-per-use.

This may be irrelevant if you unlock your Koodo phone, turn on call forwarding then use that phone temporarily with a monthly Fido SIM & plan, providing the $$$ still works out for you.

Let us know how this works out.
Good point.  I will check and confirm that the Fido is a prepaid (I think it is).

In any event, I am going to canvas all applicable Canadian carriers one more time and see if any of their prepaid plans may work in Belize for me on a temporary basis.

I'll let you know.
Upon further research, no Canadian phone carriers offer a "travel package" for pre-paid plans.  Odd.

So I will sign up for Koodo's travel add on for $40 for only 50 minutes (!).

A related question:  if I run out minutes, can I sign up for another 50 minutes for $40?
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as far as I can ascertain, it seems that roaming packages are just for a few calls you might need while travelling.  call the hotel. find a restaurant, maybe accept a few incoming calls.  maybe an emergency call back home.

If you need more than 50 mins, your probably better off getting a local SIM. 
All good points.  But I shall be in Belize for 3 weeks.  I am an attorney and have a couple of commercial real estate closings pending so I need to be accessible via e-mail or voice calls.
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is it important for you to be able to make/receive/hold those conversations on your cell phone? Can you make them from your hotel?  Is it ok to call them back right away when you get your call?  Do you need to obscure, at all, the fact that you are in Belize (ie, does it matter the call-display number the called party sees when called?

What I meant with my last post is, unfortunately, Koodo roaming packages aren't really designed for long conversations while abroad, so you should find a combination solution that works for you.

If you really need to be able to take a call and you're not able to ask the caller to hold and call him back, you mind end up coming home to a big bill and there's not much you can do about that.

If you can call back and if you can do it from your hotel that has internet, then just buy a Skype unlimited package for unlimited calls to the US and Canada ($2.99/month).  You can then set the Skype's caller ID to your cell phone and the called party will see your Koodo number as the number calling them.

If you're not sure about your internet availability in the hotel, or you don't want to go back there to make calls, and you don't mind if your clients know you're in Belize, then go online and see what Belize phone companies are.  Go to their sites and see what their prices for calls to Canada are and the price of data.  You may well be shocked at how much cheaper it is to call Canada from a Belize SIM than visa-versa.

You might have to try a couple of things to make this work to your satisfaction.  It depends on a few things.  How much do the calls cost and how much is data.  If data is reasonable and you have a smartphone, you might consider installing a softphone on your phone (I like zoiper) and configuring it to use over wireless data.  Then you should be able to make cheap calls home with a voip provider like voip.ms

It's kind of long post because I don't exactly know what you need, so I'm exploring options.

If you know you'll have lots of internet when you are the Koodo roaming package/Skypeout combo might be the easiest and cheapest.
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Until recently, I lived abroad for 7 years and had to deal with this kind of stuff all the time.

I think this might be the best option for you. You mentioned in another thread that you're travelling with your wife.  If you have a 3rd phone, great.  If not, maybe she'll let you use hers 🙂

Have one phone with your Koodo number and another phone with a local SIM.  You might be surprised at how flexible and plentiful prepaid plans in less-developed countries are.  You could probably get a few gigs of data for just a few bucks that you top up when needed.  On that phone (you say you have an iphone), install skype and buy unlimited canada/usa for $3.  Set your Skype caller ID to your Koodo number.  buy data for your local SIM and make sure data is turned on.

So, incoming calls come in on one phone.  You can answer them to say you'll call back or just not answer.  Then call back using skype on your phone with a Belize SIM.

Caveat:  You won't really know if this is a good solution until you get there.  You'll need to test it.  Usually, voip over wireless data works fine, sometimes it doesn't.  depends on the network.  a few operator block it.

Still.  If it doesn't work great over wireless data, you can use it when you're connected to wifi.