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call forward shortcut

  • 23 August 2013
  • 3 replies

My iphone 4 call forwarding will not work using the *72 instructions. I have to go into Settings then Phone then Call Forwarding then turn it on or off. Is there anyway to make a shortcut on the home screen to turn call forwarding on or off?

3 replies

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The *72 instructions are for cdma phones. Call Forwarding for a Koodo Phone with SIM Card A number of different call forwarding scenarios are available for phones with SIM cards. For each scenario there is an associated code, but instructions remain the same: To activate: Enter the activate code below before the area code and the number you want to forward your calls to. Enter # and then press SEND (send key varies by handset). You'll see a message informing you that call forwarding has been activated. For example: Call Forwarding Unconditional to phone number 416-123-4567 dial *21*4161234567# and hit SEND     To deactivate: Enter the deactivate code and then press the SEND key. For example: Deactivate Call Forwarding Unconditional dial #21# and hit SEND *21* forwards all calls *67* forwards calls when busy *62* forwards calls when unreachable *61* forwards calls when you don't answer
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Are you allowed to create direct dial shortcuts on the home screen like Android or BlackBerry 10? If so you could just add those to the home screen. OR make a contact in your contacts and Name is 000_CallForwardOn and another 001_CallForwardOff. that way they will be at the top of your contacts list.
Thank you Timo and Chad. You have put me on the right track.