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Buying Refurbished Phone

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I purchased a refurbished/pre-owed iPhone 5C online (its online only) and I did this on Wednesday and only received an email showing what I bought, I never received an email about any shipment sent out and its been 3 days now; is this normal? Should I call and have them check up on this when they are opened again in the AM?

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Make sure to check your spam folder and see if it got sent there first.
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If it's not in your spam folder, it can unfortunately happen that the email will not get sent b t phone will still be sent out.
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You'll need to contact the Web Store for more information on your order.
You can call them at this number: 1-844-566-3697 (Tuesday to Friday 3pm - 9pm EST)

You can also email them at this address: koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com

Hope that helps 🙂