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buying phone online - do i have to go into store to activate?

i currently am a monthly customer/i alread have an iphone from koodo i have a positive tab and want to buy a new iphone online - i am curious if once i receive my phone do i have to go to a kiosk to activate it ? or can i activate it at home?

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Just put your old Sim in new phone and that's it. If you need a new Sim, they are $5 at a Koodo kiosk
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Hi Maddy!  Spence is correct, you can use the same SIM card; however, you would need to purchase a Nano SIM card if you currently have an iPhone 4s or older model since it's a different size.  Koodo currently doesn't offer the option to purchase phones online at the moment; however, you can pass by one of our kiosks http://koo.do/kdostore to get the phone on the spot!  . Have a great week!