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Buying a phone online?

I'm looking at buying an iPhone 5 online from the US. The phone is unlocked, but it says it won't work with a CDMA carrier, only a GSM carrier. Will my phone work with Koodo?

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CDMA is the old network protocol currently being phased out in Canada.  A GSM phone (the type with a SIM card) will work. IF it works on the AT&T network, it will work in Canada.
I noticed in the FAQ on the Koodo website it says: "Some older SIM-based phones in Canada run on a GSM network. Those phones are not compatible with the Koodo network." On the description of the phone I'm interested in it does say that it's compatible with AT&T, though.
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http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/iphone/iphone-faq/differences-between-iphone-5-models.html They mention specific model numbers that work with AT&T, Bell, Telus (Koodo). As per dfbutt above, make sure it's unlocked & AT&T compatible and you are good to go.