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Buying a new phone

I still dont get it.. how does the tab work?!!
Im using the 15$ prepaid plan.... Can I still buy an iphone of 0$ and pay it on my tab every month.. ??

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You need to be on postpaid to buy a phone on tab on prepaid it's not possible
Oh okay.. Thank you !!
so if i am on a 35$ monthly plan, can I buy a phone?
Also, how much do they usually
charge per month ?
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Yes if you're on a monthly plan you can buy a phone with tab. But if the postpaid plans aren't for you you can still buy a phone but you would need to pay it all one shot.

For the plans they charge : here's the plans page https://www.koodomobile.com/rate-plan...

Those plans might be from QC only. Make sure you're in the good region