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Buy an iPhone online to give as a gift to Fiance. I cannot buy the phone in story without her there... Can I buy it online under my plan

I went to buy an iPhone 6 at the local store so I could wrap it up and give it to my fiancé as a.gift but they aren't allowed to just sell me one without it being set up which she would need to be there to sign for it. I was thinking maybe I can purchase it online so I can wrap it first and she can set it up on her own time. She is looking to switch from Telus and to keep the same number she has to be there at the setup portion. Thanks

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Unfortunately online ordering isn't available at this time as Koodo is transitioning to a new system. You can order one from the Apple store unlocked if you are looking at purchasing it outright.
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You could do a renewal on your own line for the iphone 6 and just send it to her instead of opening it and activating it.

JUst make sure the staff keeps your sim card number the same as it is so you don't lose service on your phone 🙂
Thanks for the advice I appreciate both of your input. I'm going to try the first option and see where that get me. Thanks to you both again
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Just buy it direct from the Apple store online.  By pass the provider completely