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buy an iphone 7 but in my shop option doesn't appear the model

I'd like to buy an iphone 7 plus but in my shop option the 7 model is not available.. do i have to change my plan? why am i not able to change my phone for this model? Right now I own my phone. Thanks!

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It didnt work, got redirected to the phones page and nothing was added to my cart 😞
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Try clearing your browser's cache or try on another browser or computer
Same issue... clear cache and change browser... got redirected to the phones page and no iphone 7 available...
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What happens when you click add to cart from here: https://www.koodomobile.com/phones/iphone-7-plus-256-gb

Also how much is your plan?
It ask me if im new or not, then i said a new phone im already user and after i log in a get the phone page

same behavior for the 7 plus 256 gb 😞 my plan is $40
I'm still not able to buy the phone.. Anyone?
anyone? Same problem, I want to buy an iPhone 7 plus so I added it to the cart, was asked to log into my account and I chose the "new phone" option and nothing was in my cart and was brought back to the phone shop page and the only iPhones available to upgrade to were the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s.  Can existing customers not upgrade to iPhone 7 plus? If you have paid your tab and Koodo has no contract, can't cancel my account and re-sign up, which would allow me the option of a 2-year contract. + iPhone tab for the iPhone 7 plus?
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anyone? Same problem, I want to buy an iPhone 7 plus so I added it to the cart, was asked to log ...Again.... this works for me for some reason.

You said your tab is paid off?  Are you on the spending limit program?

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I'm suspecting that your current plan is too low to get a device that expensive on a tab. The minimum for the iPhone 7+ is a Medium tab, and there is no option to purchase it outright from Koodo that I can see. I believe that is why it isn't appearing at all for you. Your plan must not support Tab Medium or Large, so the phone doesn't show at all.

I just checked and due to my monthly plan price, I only get the option for Tab Medium on the iPhone 7+.