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  • 2 January 2016
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2 replies

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If you broke your phone you can bring it to a kiosk and have it sent for repair at your own cost which will very depending on what damage is done exactly. Your other option is to pay your tab off if you have one and put a new phone on the tab, or you can pay full price for the phone. Another option is to purchase a device from a 3rd party making sure it's a koodo device or unlocked and compatible with Koodo's frequencies used for service.
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Hey Brenda! Since you have an iPhone, you must contact Apple for your repair options http://www.apple.com/ca/contact/ .If it's anything mechanical they will either send it to repair of fix it on the spot.  There will be a bigger cost if there is physical damage. Did you take the AppleCare warranty when you got your phone? If so, it's a $79 service charge if your phone is physically damaged and no fees to fix if mechanical. .Hope this helps 🙂  *edited*