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Broken Phone

I have an iPhone.. My cellphone just broke, and the screen is damaged. It only stopped working, and I can't see anything, just blue lines. But the screen is not cracked. It is still working, because I could feel it vibrating. I want to know what should I do, where should I go and what documents I should have with me. Thanks

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You should head to your nearest Apple store and have them asses the phone and they can provide you some options as to repairing the phone (which WILL cost you money). No documents are needed, just take your phone in. https://www.apple.com/ca/retail/storelist/
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If your iPhone is still under warranty, Apple will replace it for free (providing that there isn't any physical or liquid damage). If there is physical/liquid damage and your phone is still under warranty, then you can still get a replacement on the spot, but it'll cost you $270 before taxes. This is with a regular warranty and not AppleCare +.