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Bringing Back the Best Bundles

Before, you offered individual things (such as 50 minutes, 100 texts, 1GB data, voicemail) separately with their own prices so we could create our own bundles to exactly what we wanted/needed. I LOVED THAT!
Now, don't get me wrong, having pre-made bundles are super helpful to businesses, families, first time customers, etc. How should they know what they want/need yet!?
But when we do know what we want, and we can customize it just right - even if it is the same price as a bundle, we feel so much more satisfied to see minutes un-wasted and data all used up. Feels like a better bang for your buck. Little bit of consumer psychology.

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Personally, I like a little extra on the Data as special circumstances my arise beyond your normal usage. We all know what happens if you go over, so a little extra is a good thing IMO.