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Bringing a telus phone to replace my iphone 4 on tab.

  • 28 June 2015
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I acquired an Iphone 5 from my sister that is locked to telus. I looked online and tried the tool on the koodo site to see if it will work and everything leads to yes. I have a Iphone 4 currently on a tab that is payed off completely. I was wondering if I buy a sim card from a kiosk and activate it on the koodo site, that I can use the Iphone 5 and keep the same plan that I have with my Iphone 4? If that's not right, what would I need to do to allow me to use the Iphone 5 and keep the plan im already on? Is that even possible?

7 replies

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Telus iphones can work with Koodo without you unlocking them so yes it can be used on Koodo. You can use your same plan on that iPhone as well. Just buy the right sized sim card (as I believe iphone 4 is microsim and iphone 5 is nanosim) from a Koodo store or retailer and then go on self-serve and switch your sim card. Then just put the new sim card into the iphone 5 and you should be good to go
ok thank you very much!
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ok thank you very much!I would suggest to ask the store reps to everything for you. Much easier and you walk out with a working phone.
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ok thank you very much!Though you can always come back here should you have any questions in the future.
ok thank you very much!I went to koodo, everything is straightened out. Thanks for the quick replies. 😃
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ok thank you very much!Glad to hear it! Hope you won't have any more issues, but if you do, we're always here.
ok thank you very much!Thanks again! Will do. 🙂