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Bring iPhone 6 to Koodo

It would be great if you guys can bring iPhone 6 when it is out to Koodo. I will buy from you definitely. Obviously I would expect Koodo not to abuse the suggested price. If you guys could even get it cheaper, man you would be on fire!

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Nothing is official or announced about the iPhone 6 but Koodo has carried all models of iPhone from the 4 onward so it's safe to say they'll have it too.
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No phone company has control over the price. IPhone controls the entire market.
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No need to worry about them carrying it or not... Just wait for it to actually get announced by apple...and then launched lol
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This period has started and the iPhone isn't ever announced! Haha
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Don't worry, cell phone companies make a lot of money from iPhone users -it will definitely be av...Not always it seems...... "subscribers who switch from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4 in fact exhibit a drop in ARPU, but spend more when they switch to Android-based handsets".....that pattern may continue to happen. Apple is not golden after all.
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iPhones will always be available through Koodo. It would be almost impossible for them not to carry the device.