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Brand new iPhone 6 going in and out of service while remaining in the same area.

I got my iPhone 6 through an online upgrade. I received it Monday afternoon (3 days ago). Since then, it has been going in and out of service. I remained in the exact same area (my house) all day yesterday and my phone lost service about 35 times. It looks like the phone is being kicked off the koodo network or something and then coming back. I have been having an awful time with my LTE and 3G and text messages/calls don't go through. I got a new SIM card hoping this would resolve the issue. It didn't. I have reset network settings, even called Koodo to get them to reset network settings, nothing has helped. 

Any ideas? 
Should I just send it back and get a new one through warranty?

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Hello Megen, have you tried someone's else Koodo SIM in your phone to see if it does the same thing?
Yeah, I did. I took my phone to a mobile shop today and that was their first idea. I couldn't do the replacement there because I didn't get this iPhone there, but she said she thinks there's an issue with the antenna in my phone. Koodo tech support isn't open again until tomorrow morning but I think I'm going to call and go through with the replacement if they'll do it.