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Bought booster add-on's for my prepaid plan on Nov. 27th - they aren't working and it says my base plan has expired.

  • 11 December 2017
  • 4 replies

I purchased more minutes for my prepaid plan on November 27th, however, every time I try to make a call, it says I don't have any minutes. It says I have $61 in my account and that I don't need to deposit any money to re-activate my plan, yet it doesn't seem to have gotten my payment. I've heard about overnight lags in payments, but this seems very strange.   

4 replies

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Your base plan expires every 30 days, when it expires you cannot use your boosters. What you have to do now is to top up your account with the value of your base plan. Once you top up, it will automatically reactivate your base plan for another 30 days.
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Can you send text messages? You need a booster to make calls, and you don't seem to have any. The expired base plan message is a bug that sadly Koodo has no intention to fix, but also should not impact your usage. In fact with your current balance it should just renew by itself.
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You can also check your transaction history to see if you actually bought a talk booster or just added fund in your account.  Like Sophia said, it's showing there is no  booster on your account...