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hello, so i got this message in november giving me an extra 2gb of data for free for the next six months if i don’t buy a new phone but my phone has been acting up and i don’t have service half the time so i’ve kind of just been pushed to having to buy a new phone soon. and i was wondering if there was a way i could keep the extra data because if i don’t buy a new phone i won’t be able to use the data you guys gave me due to the fact that i don’t have service the majority of the time

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You could buy an unlocked compatible phone from elsewhere and just pop your Koodo SIM Card into it.
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Hi Brooke, Head over to your closest Koodo location to weigh in your options. There are plan where you can get 2 GB of bonus data for 24 months and you may also keep your bonus data for 6 months.
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If you buy a phone outright and not place it on a tab, you should still be able to keep your extra 2GB