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Blue Screen on iPhone 6+

I was using my phone, when the screen went blue (for seemingly no reason), and had black stripes running through it. The screen did this for only a few seconds, then my phone rebooted. Is this just a random occurrence, or should I be taking this back to Koodo? I did try Googling the issue, however I've only seen results from Verizon users.

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If it happened just once, I wouldn't worry about it. But there could be a point where it gets more frequent and eventually your phone gets stuck on that screen or repeats the cycle of blue screen/lines and reboot. I had it happen to my 5S and had it replaced by Apple.
I have the same problem three years ago. 
AdrienneBailon wrote:

I have the same problem three years ago. 

At last, I found some iPhone blue screen are not hardware problem.