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Billing information not yet available

Billing information not yet available on the phone app. I a new Koodo customer as of Monday. How do I know when my bill will be available so I can pay it? Website and app tells me the same thing.

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Koodo will send you a text message to let you know when your bill is ready. Unless you are signed up for paper billing, in which case you will receive a bill in the mail. Self serve should list your billing date though. Try signing in through the website of the app doesn't show it.
I have, and it tells me there are no bills available for this account.
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When u signed up the person at the kiosk will give u a paper that says what's due for your first payment and when it's due. Did you receive this? As well as it should say your account number if needed
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Katharine, you signed up on the 28th, so your first bill hasn't been processes yet. It will likely be sometime next week.