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Bill payments and long distance add ons.

I have two questions here that need answering. 1. I have the "Pre-authorized Payment" option set up so that my bill is automatically paid off every month, but I still got a bill in the mail, should this happen? My dad used to own my account and I would just pay him, last month he changed the ownership over so now it's my account, the bill was issued January 17th, I did the Pre-authorized Payment after that date though, so will I still have to pay this bill off, or will this bill be automatically taken out of my bank account on February 17th? 2. I also changed my plan over from the Koodo Canada Wide Double Promo $30 a month plan to the $60 unlimited airtime minutes with 1 GB of data, I make a lot of calls to the UK with my cell phone, so I added on the $20 a month "U.K. Unlimited: From within Canada to U.K." add on, does this mean I won't be charged the 50 cents a minute anymore when calling to the U.K? I try to check my anytime minutes, but for whatever reason, it doesn't show up, all that shows up are the words "Due to recent rate plan or add-on changes, usage cannot be shown." So for that reason, I'm just paranoid that the calls I make to the U.K are still costing me money. If anyone can help me with these questions, I would greatly appreciate it.

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1. It can take a month or two for the pre-authorized payments to start going through. I went through the same thing. Just keep an eye on it, nothing to worry about.

2. I think the reason your airtime isn't being displayed is because of the unlimited feature. As long as the plan and add-on are showing on your account in Self-Serve you should be fine calling to the UK and Canada-wide.
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1) Do you want a bill mailed to you? You can remove that from your add-ons and save some money. Your bill is always available via PDF on self serve. If you get an invoice for Bill date Jan 17 and you did your pre-auth after that date then you will need to pay the jan 17 bill manually. It takes 1 full billing cycle for pre-auth to activate. Keep an eye out for the Feb 17 bill just to make sure you dont have to pay it manually too 2) Correct. If you have the add-ons on your account then you should be ok. Mins usage info dont show after a plan change