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Better plans for iphone

  • 17 October 2014
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There are lot of people want to move on iphone. but plans are too costly as compare Samsung Galaxy S5(wind/mobilicity). If a customer choose iphone plan talk and data. They need to pay monthly 50$ to koodo as compare with other providers (wind, mobilicity)  require 30$.

This seems to me a big problem in sales for koodo. I know you have better network as compare wind/mobilicity. but it does not matter for middle family customer. If I am getting a unlimited service (talk +data) in 30$. why any body going to buy same limited service (talk + data) in 50$ +. As per current market it seems people choose koodo only for iphone or buy smartphone on contract.

I would like to suggest provide unlimited service(talk+data) for 40$/50$/ per month as your calculations. You will get big benefit in future. It is sure within 1-2 year it must require for you.

I believe if you have 1 million customer right now. it will goes up 5 times.

This idea needs more research and planning for implementation. 

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