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Benefits? I love koodo!

If I have been a satisfied customer for numerous years, would I receive any possible benefits?

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Yes, continue to get great rates service etc. Does your spouse or significant other give you anything extra for being loyal? No, just what was promised at the beginning. Long happiness. 🙂
it would be nice to be recognized as a long term customer, often they where the ones who where faithful as you where building your community into what it is today, in a marriage or partnership you both gain in security and trust, but what you gain together as you grow you share, I have only been a customer for two months, and I plan on being around for tenure of sorts, but still a newbie, I think milestones should be celebrated, lots of different ways, a free case for you phone, i know if i got a decent case for my phone and it was Koodo pink, I would love it just the same, a protected Koodo is a good Koodo, or discounts or even a few extra tab dollars, all kinds of ways to perk up and say thanks.