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Battery issues

I have the iphone 5 and my battery has been dying VERY quickly. (Charged it overnight, unplugged it around 7:30 AM and it is now 10:30 AM and the battery is on 85%) Anyone have any comments or suggestions on how to fix this? Any little tricks, or do I have to get a new phone?

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Have you updated to 7.1 yet? There may be a battery bug in this build, and may have to wait for a new update. A few things to try - Holding 2 buttons till you see the apple, to reset device restoring in itunes after backup Also the standard battery tips apply: turn down brightness turn off unused features:>bluetooth, wifi when not in use, turn off notifications and location services(big battery consumption),turn off equalizer,
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Were you using your phone during that time? Using facebook for 3 hours can easily zap 15% I can easily lose 10% on my 1 hour commute in the morning when I am facebooking, emailing, etc
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I have heard from friends that the iphone 5 is like this but the iphone 5s is not. They replaced theirs with the same. Whether this is entirely factual or not I cannot really say as I only owned one for half a day and didn't like it anyways and went back to s4.
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DJ wrote:

I have heard from friends that the iphone 5 is like this but the iphone 5s is not. They replaced...

Im using the iPhone 5s. Battery life is basically the same between the phones
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There's a lot of info around the net about this. Here's some I usually recommend Turn off bluetooth, wifi and any other wireless when not in use Turn off localisation service if you don't use it Go into privacy and look at what apps request your location and close the ones you find unuseful. Turn off siri if you don't use it Check your background app refresh settings Auto-birghtness on? Sources http://gizmodo.com/how-to-take-care-of-your-smartphone-battery-the-right-w-513217256/1416982678/@ericlimer http://mashable.com/2013/10/11/ios-7-battery-life/ http://snapguide.com/guides/save-battery-life-iphone-w-ios-7-complete-guide/