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bad service

  • 7 August 2019
  • 3 replies

I had one of your representatives called me the other day and they were trying to convince me to get a monthly plan from going from my P prepaid plan I told her I was very dis-interested in as the prepaid plan is most convenient for me and my lifestyle to which she continued to talk me on the phone for 30 minutes about the monthly plan and then this morning as I wake up and try to make a phone call my plan has been either deactivated or when I went to check my balance it now says that I owe $30 which makes no sense considering I have five dollars still in my account and my bills are only $35

3 replies

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Koodo doesn't just boot you out because you won't switch to postpaid. When do you normally top up each month? Sounds like it's just the new cycle to me.

Also you can just tell a rep that youre done talking and want to go. 30 minutes is rather persistent but you are absolutely allowed to say "I'm done goodbye"
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Indeed. You say the rep "continued to talk for another 30 minutes". Was there a particular reason you couldn't simply end the call?
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Does texting work?
Maybe those 30 minutes used up your talk booster?