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automatic top up

I clicked a wrong button. I would like to register automatic top-up for discount but I just paid the fee: The balance is 15$ now. I want to refund it and register automatic top-up

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I would think so but only if you connect to a hotspot close by you, which is  my next point is why  not bill share, It is much cheaper 🙂 But you see the Wifi user list but you have to do your homework and unless you know their hot spot nickname 😞 but you must make sure that Koodo is not already connecting you via their web plan!
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I'm assuming you're a prepaid customer, Eunhee. Unfortunately, there are no refunds once a payment is processed. The system will hold the money in your account. You can either save the $15 in your account, or apply the funds toward a talk or data booster. You can register for automatic top-up at any time, there is no fee for this.