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Arrived Hong Kong with Koodo Sim & Iphone, SHOWING NO SErVICE.

Everything was working normally, got on the plane. Landed in Hong Kong, turned the phone back on. It's now showing NO SERVICE for the last 5 days. Dead, manual choosing network with no success, ROAMING is Turned ON.
Using KOODO SIM & Iphone 6 unlocked

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Did you enable international pay per use long distance an international voice roaming on self-serve add-ons? They are free add-ons that enable you to connect to roaming networks. International Data Roaming is needed for data.
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Here's how to add the free international roaming packages. There's two of them : 

Connect to sell serve and go to your add-ons

Click to change the add-ons

Search for 1) International Voice Roaming and 2) International Data Roaming