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Apple Watch LTE Support

  • 22 September 2018
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Will Koodo Start esim or LTE support ofr apple watch in near future, I think most of people will be waiting this from koodo. I would request all the members to support this thread so that koodo starts thinking of esim.

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8 replies

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Not likely. It tends to be an option for Telus only within the Telus/Koodo/Public family for now
Please add this as an Addon to our plans.
When I spoke to customer service, they could not find any info to support the Apple Watch 4. The rep told me that he expects support shortly. I hope he’s right!
Considering the work is already done by telus I can’t imagine it would cost much to implement this at Koodo. It wouldn’t just be a good way to make more money
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I wouldnt hold your breath. They may keep it as a Telus premium feature
If Koodo doesn't start supporting the apple watches soon they will start losing customers. personally I'm already considering switching to Rogers or Bell. I spoke to Koodo today and that rep had no idea when or if Koodo will be supporting the Apple Watches in the future.
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I get it that Telus likes to keep their main brand more "premium" than their flanker brands, but the fact of the matter is, especially for BYOD plans, Telus is still outrageously expensive. It just doesn't make sense to go with them if you're buying your phone direct or secondhand.

$80/month minimum? Are you joking me? I can understand paying that if you've bought a subsidized phone, but BYOD? That's insane. And then $10/month on top of that just to share the same plan with your watch?

Anyways, I digress. The point of the matter is that what Koodo offers for BYOD plans is still plenty profitable for Telus. They really should offer support for the Apple Watch. Add support, make it a $10/month addon and be done with it.
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I think by offering less and simplifying what they have, this is the reason koodo can offer the lower pricing