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Anyone Else See Shocking Data Usage Lately?

  • 25 April 2019
  • 4 replies

Hi Everyone,

In the past 75 days, my data usage normally does not exceed 20MB per 30 minute interval, based on Koodo's data usage report on Self-Serve.

Today, I got consecutive warnings telling me about data usage and finally the data cap has been reached. When i looked at the report, within a single interval, Koodo reported usage of over 600MB. During this time period the phone was not in use.

Anyone else having problems with phantom data usages?

4 replies

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Perhaps an update to the OS was downloaded at the time or apps in the app store updated.
Have you checked your data usage in your phone to see what it was that used the said data in question?
um.... u might have a point. there was a message about a system upgrade failure or interruption. it might be iOS trying to upgrade and started downloading, and then when the data capped out, then iOS popped the failure message saying the download failed or stopped.
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Always turn off auto updates for everything (apps, os , etc)
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Be sure to have wifi assist turned off, as iPhones with the setting on will use cellular data if the WiFi connection is below a certain network strength.