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An iPhone plan around 30 $ per month ?

Hi, I have a litle question : I want an iphone 5 or 5c 16g. I'm ready to pay a maximum of 400 $ one shot and I don't want pay more then 35 $ per month. I didn't find informations about any contracts under something like 50 $ per month. I don't need a big plan. Help me pleese !

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Well the website won't help you much on the subsidy front since Apple requires carriers to show the highest subsidy. On Koodo, you can go on the Medium Tab and take any plan offered + $5 until the Tab is done at 24 months or whenever you decide to pay off the Tab (best value). This will take 300 off the phone. So that'll be $425 for a 5s and $325 for a 5C. Again, take any plan offered (ranging from 29 up to 72) + $5 for Tab charge. Just take a look at which one you want.
Thank you man this is really impressive work you provide to the site and it is very appreciated by me and the entire community. Again thank you and continue your amazing work. See you !
Koodo does not have any contract. You just pay off your tab and remaining service charges when you wish to leave. Anyone can correct me if i'm wrong.
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You're welcome! Thanks for the praise. I like helping people. Just some more info: when you're ready to do it, go to any kiosk or retailer who does Koodo postpaid and make sure you have IDs. One must be either DL, SIN, or Canadian CC and the other can be either one of the other 2 or a passport, permanent resident card, Indian status card. You can also change your plan to any other plan offered at a later date but not the other way around so if you see something you like, act on it.