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Am I crazy or is this false advertizing?

Could someone please clarify something for me. We got my son a Apple i-phone 4S 8G from a Koodo store because of what was posted on this website. When I looked at the website it states that on a med plan the phone is free. It also seems to state that I should also be able to get the Lightweight CanadaWide plan of $29 plus $5 for the med plan. When I sent my wife into the store to order for my 11yr old son. they billed her $150 for the phone with a $150 tab. Am I just crazy or did they rip her off?

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Um, that sounds like a Tab small, not a Tab medium. If this happened very recently and have barely used it I'm pretty sure you have a short time to return it and re-buy it (although this sounds like a hassle). The limits are posted on Koodo's website. I would start with calling customer service and see if they can switch you or something. Maybe a refund to a credit card or something (I'm not sure as I don't work for Koodo). Technically the medium tab requires a $30, but I've heard the $29 also qualifies. I doubt they intentially ripped her off as I can't see the incentive for the salesperson.
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This problem could probably be solved over the phone. The store may not have changed their system to reflect the price change. If you call Koodo at *611 from your Koodo phone and explain your situation I believe they won't have a problem crediting you the $150 so that it's just $150 on your tab which would be what was gonna happen.
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I don't thin calling them to get a credit is going to work. How would they credit your credit card or refund the money? You may have to go back to the store to re-sign for a medium tab. At some point medium tabs requires a minimum of a $30 dollar plan, but they don't seem to have that restriction anymore on their site here: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/tab.shtml They do for large tabs.
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They didn't rip her off. They put her on the Tab Small instead of the Tab Medium. Maybe there was some miscommunication? With the Tab S, you don't need to pay any monthly tab fee. If you choose $29 plan, you will pay $29 (plus tax) a month. With the Tab M you will need to pay $29 plus $5 tab fee = $34(plus tax) a month. You should call Koodo customer service to explain your situation that you wanted set up the tab M, not Tab S.